The SO 



​​​Visit The So spa for that   European holiday glow....

Come and have your spray tan at Adelaide's best  Spa , we pride ourselves on giving you  natural golden tan  with the perfect  tone for your skin type.

Featherstroke Brows

​Microblade Featherstroke Brows at SO spa the revolutionary technique  creating fullness, shape and definition.

Long lasting, brow defining, amazing natural colour results... 


​normally $129

Why?  Strengthens and stimulates new collagen formation, 
Rehydrates, regenerates and renews skin cells
Reduces cellular decomposition

Better than Botox Facial

Feather stroke  Brows

Innovators of brow beauty, bespoke colour matching and refined hair strokes ...Brow Inc. perfection 

Complimentary Consultation for all clients

Book for our BTB facial and upgrade your treatment with Lactic, Glycolic or Flower Enzyme Peel for $35 

Spray Tan